Stella Aguillard, Vice Legate, Minister of Eastern Commons
Erik Lambardi, Minister of West Kessex
Adileh Balestiri, Minister-Elect of Krytan Freeholds
Elain Alban, Minister-Elect of Lake Doric
Melanie Valen, Minister-Elect of Shaemoor
Jessica Brandon, Secretary of Eastern Commons
Tyrinnis Sylvante, Arbiter
Alphons Frost, Magistrate

[This session began at four bells in the evening.]

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Welcome. Today is the 58th day of the Zephyr. We are gathered among these witnesses and the people of Kryta to witness the swearing- in of three ministers. Which is, well, new. Lady Adileh, would you like to make an acceptance speech?"

Minister-Elect Balestiri: "I'm afraid I haven't prepared one."

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Very well. We'll go right into the oath. Please come forward and raise your hand palm out."

Minister-Elect Balestiri raises her left hand.

Vice Legate Aguillard"Please repeat after me."

[Stella Aguillard speaks the oath]

[Adi Balestiri repeats the oath.]

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Congratulations, Minister."

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Lady Elaine, do you have a speech you'd like to give?"

Minister-Elect Alban: "A brief one Vice Legate. Not quite a speech but a thank you for the support and kindness I have received from so many. I understand Lake Doric has much it needs done and the journey will be long. But the generosity has only inspired my dedication to Lake Doric and bringing it back to what it use to be. It will take time, hard work, and challenging goals. I am ready to meet those goals face on and make it a better place once again. Thank you."

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Please step forward, raising your hand with your palm out. Repeat after me."

[Stella Aguillard speaks the oath]

[Elaine Alban repeats the oath.]

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Welcome, Minister Alban."

Minister Alban: "Thank you, Vice Legate."

[Guest asked to leave the chambers due to carrying a weapon without a permit available.]

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Apologies, Lady Melanie."

Minister-Elect Valen: "Quite alright, Vice Legate."

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Do you have a speech?"

Minister-Elect Valen: "Just wish to say that I appreciate all the support and plan to do my very best fore Shaemoor."

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Then if you will, please step forward; raise your hand palm out."

[Minister-Elect Valen raises her hand.]

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Repeat after me, please."

[Stella Aguillard speaks the oath]

[Melanie Valen repeats the oath.]

Vice Legate Aguillard: "Welcome, Minister Valen."

Minister Valen: "Thank you, Vice Legate."

Vice Legate Aguillard: "This concludes tonight's ceremony."