Lady Minister Myrrdin

Lady Minister Aquitaine

Minister Aubron

Lady Minister Naji

Secretary Kavesh

Magistrate Glass

Ambassador Voltumn

Scribe Tseng


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Ladies and gentleman of the court, citizens and visitors, welcome to tonight’s open sesson of the Krytan Ministry. If you have any business to bring before the ministry, step forward and give your name to the Ministry scribe so you can be added to the docket for tonight’s business.

The session will commence now. I ask if there are any Ministers that have business to present before the chambers.”


Lady Minister Aquitaine: I have a brief announcement.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Very well, Minister Acquitaine, you have the attention of our peers.


Lady Minister Aquitaine: In the wake of the recent unfortunate events, I would like to call for volunteers to aid in a project I have entitled ‘Neighborhood Watch’. It is mere a network to raise Salma’s security by opening communications between residents. By keeping our eyes open to suspicious activity, perhaps we can minimize such incidents. I thank you all in advance.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Are there any additional announcements from other Ministers?


Minister Aubron: I have one.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Minister Aubron, you have the attention of our peers.


Minister Aubron: In addition to the actions taken by Minister Aquitaine, there is to be a hearing held tomorrow so that any victim of that sordid affair might step forward and give their account as to what happened. Any information that might be both relevant and viable to the resolution of these events is welcomed. Please contact my office for any further information. That is all.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Thank you, Minister Aubron of the Eastern Commons. Are there any other Ministers who wish to make an announcement or present other business before the chambers? Very well, then I shall make a short announcement as well, intended for my peers within the Ministry as well as members of the public present.


As the Minister representing West Kessex, I am sympathetic to the issues of recruitment and retention that Minister Thermogan and others representing districts outside of Divinity’s Reach have raised for our militray orders. Therefore, I am preparing and will be presenting legislation at the next open session to reward those who will join or have served in any of Kryta’s military orders. Those ministers interested in providing input towards this legislation are invited to contact me. Those members of the public who have served in Kryta’s military orders are invited to speak with me after the session.


Are there any further announcements or business from my fellow Ministers? If not I will open the session to those who have given their names to the scribe.


Lady Minister Aquitaine: Please proceed Minister Myrrdin.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Lilith Duskenvold, you may present yourself before those assembled. State your name, any relevant titles, and your business, miss.


Lilith Duskenvold: Lilith Duskenvold, officer of the Mortuarium. I have a proposal to present, I suppose, regarding the city’s infrastructure. Minister, Magistrates. As I am certain you are all aware, these are rather... tumultuous times. If casualties continue as they have over the past decade, there will be no more room in the city graveyards, or those surrounding, in five year’s time. Space is also at a dear premium within the curtain wall, thus my proposal! Catabombs/ I have with me preliminary plans from the Stonemason’s Guild, as well as some of the requisite quotes. All we require to move forward is Ministry approval, and funding.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Thank you Miss Duskenvold. Are there questions from my fellow Ministers?


Minister Aubron: Ahem, may I have the floor?


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Proceed, Minister Aubron


Minister Aubron: Thank you, Minister Myrrdin. Now... Duskenvold, was it?


Lilith Duskenvold: It was!


Minister Aubron: Where might these catacombs be expanded? Much of the city has already been undermined to such a great extent, that we might risk another great collapse.


Lilith Duskenvold: Ah! Of course. The structure would be beneath Salma, tied into the structural supports of the Grenth High Road. But not beneath it. As you say, there are structural concerns. Several levels are planned, to minimize the amount of lateral digging and required reinforcements.


Minister Aubron: There are indeed, there are also financial ones. Would it not be cheaper to simply turn the bodies to ash, Madam Duskenvold? I know of no prohibition within the scriptures of Grenth against such.


Lady Minister Aquitaine: Minister Aubron... are you suggesting we go against the wishes of the families of the deceased for ‘financial’ reasons?


Lilith Duskenvold: It would be, and many families choose to. That being said, the ashes still must go somethwere. Many choose memorialic urns. There is also other considerations.


Minister Aubron: Ashes are far easier to store than a corpse. And Minister Aquitaine, if a family wishes to have their loved one placed beneath the earth, does it truly matter what state they are in? There is plenty of dirt outside the city.


Lilith Duskenvold: Many families, particularly those esteemed, choose to maintain family crypts. The plans all for--


Lady Minister Aquitaine: That is not for you to decide, Minister Aubron. Each citizen and their families will choose the conditions of their own burial without Ministry intervention/


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Please share these other considerations, Miss Duskenvold. After I remind Minister Aquitaine that she had not been given the floor to ask questions yet. It is rude of you to interrupt the lady who is responding to Minister Aubron.


Minister Aubron: Thank you, Minister Myrrdin. Lady Duskenvold?


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Continue, Miss Duskenvold.


Lilith Duskenvold: The plans allow for much needed expansion of several prominent family mausoleums. It is also a matter of security. Much can be done with human ash. It would be... unwise, to simply leave generations of it lying around.


Minister Aubron: If I may, Madam Duskenvold, a crypt offers much more risk than security. A wall with pre-existing holes beneath it is easier to collapse, in the case of siege. As for expansion of personal crypts, I would have to say that such should be done beneath the lands of those who -own- the crypts, and paid for from their own pockets.


Staff Sergent Nezam: Minister Aubron. Please follow the decorum of the chamber.


Minister Aubron: Forgive me, Guardsman, but I was under the assumption I still held the floor?


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Minister Aubron, are you done with your questioning?


Staff Sergeant Nezam: You are forgiven.


Minister Aubron: I would wish to hear Madam Duskenvold’s final comment, or if she wishes to bring forward any more information.


Lilith Duskenvold: I cannot help but agree, on all points. But the Stonemason’s Guild assures me that the crypts would not undermine the Grenth High Road. Furthermore, the mausoleums in question that we already maintain, the families involved would be contributing to the overall expense.


Minister Aubron: Thank you, Madam Duskenvold. If you might send a copy of those plans to my office, I would like to look them over. If such is possible, however. Nothing further Minister Myrrdin.


Lilith Duskenvold: I will be certain to.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Minister Aquitaine, you may have the floor if you wish to comment to Minister Aubron’s remarks or Miss Duskenvold’s.


Lady Minister Aquitaine: I merely wished to protect the customs of our citizens. Our ancestors are not to be treated like literal dirt as Minister Aubron suggested. That being said, I have met already with Miss Duskenvold to review her proposal. I believe it will benefit the families of citizens who wish to bury the remains of their beloveds closer to home.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Tis likely a sentiment shared by many within the city, Minister Aquitaine. Have you any other questions for Miss Duskenvold?


Lady Minister Aquitaine: No, I believe she has answered them all admirably. I am satisfied with the assurance of the stonemason.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: If not, I ask if there are any other Ministers or Magistrates who wish to query Miss Duskenvold.


Magistrate Glass: May I?


Lady Minister Myrrdin: You have the floor, Lady Glass.


Magistrate Glass: Miss Duskenvold, you made mention of funding coming from the families you claim need to expand their respective plots?


Lilith Duskenvold: I did! It is a noteworthy sum, from what I have seen thus far. But falls noteworthily short of expected costs of the project. Given the resources already involved in such explansions, it would be considerably cheaper for the public work to be completed in the same timetable.


Magistrate Glass: Do you have families already interested? And if not, will this be mandatory and what is stopping you from selecting the more affluent families over others?


Lilith Duskenvold: I have several, yes. But it is not mandatory. As far as selection bias is concerned well...


Magistrate Glass: Go on, Miss Duskenvold.


Lilith Duskenvold: I do expect that only the most affluent families will be contributing as such, for the sake of a family crypt. The more families that do, the larger the project will become.


Magistrate Glass: Nothing further, Minister Myrrdin.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Thank you Lady Glass. Are there further questions from the Ministers and Magistrates? Very well. I will allow a question or two from the public if there is interest. Raise your hand if you have a question or comment regarding Miss Duskenvold’s proposal if you wish to share.


Twould appear there are no further questions or comments for the time being, regarding your proposal, Miss Duskenvold. Thank you for bringing this matter before the Ministry.


Lilith Duskenvold: Thank you for your time, Ministers, Magistrates.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: I now call forward Lord Commander of the Minsitry Guard, Pierce Godot to step forward.


Lord Commander Godot: Commander Pierce Godot, Ministry Guard.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Having stated your name and title before those assembled, Lord Commander, please share your business before the Ministry.


Lord Commander Godot: I will not take up much of the Ministry’s time tonight. It has been my honor and pleasure to take command of the Guard and aid in the transition from the previous generation. However, recent events have made it clear that a fresh perspective is required. At this time, I will tender my resignation and return to retirement from the military service. I name Staff Sergeant Visar Nexam as my successor to the rank of Commander of the Ministry Guard. That is all.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Lord Commander Godot, you have served in a position that is a great privilege and a weighty responsibility. I commend you for the service you have given to Kryta. Are there those present who wish to comment on the Lord Commander’s remarks or decision?


Minister Aubron: If I may, Minister.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: You have the floor, Minister Aubron.


Minister Aubron: Commander Godot, though we are not acquainted, I too commend you for your service. Having held such a position before, I can relate to the strain that you feel on a daily basis. However, I do question your choice of successor. It is not my place, however, to dictate the choices of the Ministry Guard. Enjoy your retirement. That is all.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Are there other who wish to make a remark?


Secretary Kavesh: If I may?


Lady Minister Myrrdin: You may proceed, Secretary Kavesh.


Secretrary Kavesh: I am curious as to the reasoning.


Lord Commander Godot: Captain Kent is an excellent commanding officer for his devision. I have decided against distrupting his command structure further in this time of crisis.


Secretary Kavesh: And I hope you took the Staff Sergeant’s recent failure of duty into consideration, when he failed to protect his charge, the Vice Legate no less, from harm?


Staff Sergeant Nezam: The Former Staff Sergeant was in Claypool the entire week prior arranging his mother’s funeral while his sister gave birth to her fifth spawn.


Minister Aubron: Ahem. Might I suggest this discussion occur in a more private setting?


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Secretary Kavesh, we are not here to critique the performance of Ministry Guard personnel. I beleive that Lord Commander Godot has answered your question sufficiently.


Secretary Kavesh: As you say, Lady Minister Myrrdin.


Staff Sergeant Nezam: May I have the floor, Lady Minister?


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Are there any others here who wish to give final remarks to Lord Commander Godot before he finishes his last day of service in his current position? You may proceed. <to Nezam>


Staff Sergeant Nezam: The secretary is right to question the decision. This is something I intend to keep in mind throughout my time as command and aiding the attentive Lord Captain in cultivating a flourishing guard. I wish those who fill our ranks to not follow my example of neglect for the Vice Legate. I will not sit in silence as our Ministers and my comrades are slaughtered. And Secretary Kavesh, if you find my pledge to you, and the fellow officers and Ministry Staff to be insufficient in the coming months, I invite you to strip away my title and I will stand open-armed for a bullet hole of your choice location.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Your commitment to your position is noted, but I will note to the public that we do not execute our Ministry Guard for negligence or failure to perform their duty. You may respond if you wish, Secretary Kavesh.


Secretary Kavesh: I look forward to that day, then. Thank you for the promise. I do hope you won’t disappoint.


Staff Sergeant Godot: Commander.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Now, are there any others who wish to give the Lord Commander Godot commendations before I dismiss him from the center of the chambers?


Minister Aubron: Minister, I motion to close the session.


Lady Minister Myrrdin: Very well. Lord Commander Godot, thank you for your service to Kryta. You may depart the chambers.


Lord Commander Godot: Thank you Minister.

Lady Minister Myrrdin: I now announce this open session of Krytan Ministry closed.