Stella Cavalli, Vice Legate, Minister of Eastern Commons

Lord Visar Nezam, Commander of the Ministry Guard

Lord Myles Arbriel, Squire in the Ministry Guard

Lady Rosalynd Havashem, Minister of Beetletun

Lord Savik Mirvolan, Minister of Ossan

Lady Kassandra Tarquinus, Minister of Greystone

Orson Thermogan, Minister of Nebo Terrace

Lady Eleanor Volundir, Minister of Salma

Eryn Aeire, Magistrate

Ornand Carson, Magistrate

Lady Tyrinnis Sylvante, Magistrate

Lord Alain Leveque, of Saidra’s Haven

Lord Nox DeLaney, of House Delaney

Doctor Lucien Nether

Baroness Eleanor Avatagne, of Avendale

[The Open Session begins five past fifth evening bell, 17th of Colossus, 1330 AE.]


“Welcome everyone to the Open Session, dated the seventeenth of Colossus. Those of you wishing to be placed on the official docket may please see Lady Thrush. Before we begin, I would like to first welcome Lady Kassandra Tarquinus as newly elected Minister of Greystone to her first Open Session and also, Lady Rosalynd Havashem, now serving the district of Beetletun.”


[Through a clerical error on Scribe Thrush’s part, Lord Alain Leveque, of Saidra’s Haven was called to the floor first on the docket.]


Lord Leveque: “I am here today to announce my intention to run for the ministership of Lake Doric, and would like to formally begin my campaign.”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Wonderful! Beginning today, you have a week for someone else to step up and contest you. Afterwards, the election will begin.”


Lord Leveque: “I would also like to announce that I am in the midst of planning a fundraiser event for my campaign. Details shall be revealed soon.


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Wonderful, Lord Leveque. Thank you for getting a jump on the process.”


Lord Leveque: “That’s all I have to say, mi’lady. Thank you.”


[Minister Volundir, is given the floor as per the docket.]


Minister Volundir: “Thank you. Some of you remember my proposal during our previous Open Session. I am introducing the Power of Petition Act as my next piece of introduced legislation. The current draft is public record and available for everyone to look at. I wish to invite all constituents to share their doubts or questions with me. Also be advised that you may also contact the seated Minister of your district if you wish for them to speak on your behalf. Thank you.”


[Lord Nox DeLaney, of House Delaney, is given the floor as per the docket.]


Lord DeLaney: “As a longtime resident of the city of Divinity’s Reach, I would like to bring to your attention information regarding the City State of Olivia’s Refuge*, and unwarranted attacks that are taking place there, upon those who maintain businesses.” [The Vice Legate asks for elaboration.] “As a resident of the Reach, and a business owner in the City State, I do pay due taxes to both. I rent space in the Canyon, to house an Apothecary. Just recently, an attack was made upon myself and the building by unknown assailants. A man was killed, presumably, and the building destroyed. I fled to avoid the same outcome. Since this time, I have met with the Chancellor,” [Lady Luxelen Larkspur] “Who, in turn, directed me to the Ministry. I was seeking protections, justice, and reparations for the lax security in the Canyon. Despite promises to the contrary.”

*Olivia’s Refuge is a City State in Maguuma settled by the Rurikton Roses. For the record, the Queen and Kryta have no jurisdiction within Olivia’s Refuge.


[Minister Thermogan is given the floor upon request.]


Minister Thermogan: “You wish to see justice from us, am I right? Justice within the Canyon. Sir, might I ask where is this Canyon? I know of a few within Kryta myself, being one of the more senior here within the Ministry, though I don’t know too many ones that [contain] an apothecary shop.”


Lord DeLaney: “I pay taxes to both locations. I do not reside in the City State, nor have I ever. I simply bring business into a rented space, while maintaining a residence here. In our own city.”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Minister, if this is an attempt to show boat, I am going to ask, can you not? We are fully aware which he refers to and who the Chancellor is.”


[Minister Volundir is given the floor upon request.]


Minister Volundir: “I do believe however, Minister Thermogan brings up a fair point. You see, we have no jurisdiction where you suffered damages. If they happen to your residence here in Kryta, then you may press charges. However, anything outside of Kryta is none of our concern. It would be a gross over extended use of the Crown’s authority. I hope you understand. Now, is there anything we do have the authority to assist you with?”


Lord DeLaney: “So then, am I to understand we, as residents of the city, can expect no protections in business that we maintain outside the city walls and under the precipices of City States who we maintain ambassadorial links to, and of course, likely the very same attackers struck again, here upon my residence in the Salma district.”


Minister Volundir: “Outside of the Kingdom’s Walls, actually. Now, if something occurred to your home in Salma, I can personally assist you. The Ministry Guard would also be happy to investigate. Please file a report after the session has concluded.”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Lord DeLaney, are you familiar with a man called Reed Ingrams?”


Lord DeLaney: “I am not.”


[Vice Legate Cavalli requests the Lord Commander detain Lord DeLaney on the spot. Scribe Thrush requests the charges against the man for the record. Lord DeLaney raises his arms and stands without resistance. He appears to be unarmed. The Lord Commander subdues the man without trouble. The Lord Commander mentions the charge is murder.]


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Lord DeLaney, I hereby request your detainment for the murder you sought to report pending negotiations for your extradition to the City State of Olivia’s Refuse. You will remain in custody until such negotiations are handled.”


Jessica Brandon: “And was it not just stated that the location was outside your jurisdiction?”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Your question is not invalid, we cannot charge him for the murder; however, his status as a fugitive within the state of Kryta, we will assure he is returned where the proper authorities handle it.”


Minister Thermogan: “Vice Legate, there is no extradition treaty within the two states. I doubt we even see Olivia’s Refuge as even a proper state and just something as a rogue entity.  He should be put in the Nebo Terrace Blood Fields.”


Jessica Brandon: “It is not my place to question the complexity of the law you are all more educated in than I, though in a public forum, your earlier refusal to have a hand in the matter has turned confusing for an observer like myself. Since it has entirely shifted from passive to a, well…”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Wait your turn, Minister Thermogan, as a senior member of the Ministry, I am sure you know we uphold a certain level of decorum, your personal vendettas aside. Ms. Brandon, as Minister Volundir stated, we have no ability to investigate the crime; however, a witness came forward and maintained that this man has committed a crime. His presence within Kryta is unwanted. However, the attack upon him nin Salma will be investigated and the truth will out.”


Jessica Brandon: “Then I consider my query answered and will hold my peace, Minister.”


[Lady Larkspur is called to the floor by the Vice Legate.]


Lady Larkspur: “Can I just say, for the record, the one time I didn’t want to speak and wasn’t going to do one of those Lux things I do, you guys were the ones to call me up, okay? Now, how may I help you?”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “The city state of Olivia’s Refuge has been a point of contention within the Ministry well over a year now, and has been since before my time as a Minister. As [you are] its Head of State, I would like your word that you will do all within your power and that of General Rossi to see into the matter fully.”


Lady Larkspur: “Isn’t he under your custody now? We will look into matter revolving what transpired in the Refuge, but he is your detainee now. And let me take this opportunity to rebuke the statement he made earlier. I did not tell him to come to you after he was attacked in the Refuge. He was simply trying to besmirch the Refuge and myself Trust me, I do not need any help when I can besmirch myself just fine.”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Lady Luxelen, as I said, he will be remanded to General Rossi’s custody pending discussions to extradite him there, where he will be your problem. But I will not have a suspected murderer in my city where my friends and family live. We can discuss this after the session.”


Lady Larkspur: “You’re giving him back? What if we don’t want him back? But, right, a discussion we can have another time. For now, I respect your decision and will follow accordingly.”


[Minister Thermogan is given the floor upon request. Despite the Vice Legate’s warning to keep it civil, the Minister is rather uncivil in manner and provides no substance to the discussion with his monologue. Lady Luxelen returns the diatribe in a similar manner. The Vice Legate shushes the two of them mid-spatter and Minister Havashem suggests moving down the docket.]


[The docket is finished, the floor is opened to the public.]


Lucien Nether: “Doctor Lucien Nether, currently the man seeking to become Minister Elect of Ascalon Settlement. I simply wished to remind those that on the twenty-third of Colossus, there will be a meeting for those who conduct business or live in Ascalon Settlement. I was also encouraged to show my ‘pretty mug’ to my fellow citizens in case any wished to seek me out for questioning on my platform. Thank you for the time.” [The Vice Legate questions where it will be held.] “Ascalon Settlement.” ((Friday October 20th, 6pm PST, Ascalon Settlement.))


Eleanor Avatagne: “I am Eleanor Avatagne, Baroness of Avendale, and the eleventh Lady Elswood. I stand as a candidate for East Kessex. Tis my intention to bring to those here of the festivities to take place in but a week and a day from now, in Triskell Quay. As you may well know, with the influx of refugees and unemployment rife in the area, there is a need for many of the citizens to be retrained and educated, so they might rise once more and prosper. Therefore, I am holding a charitable event on the twenty-fifth of the Colossus. A fashion contest, for which there are still open places, with excellent prizes, I might add. All are welcome to come, and please, give succor for the needy so we might usher in a new era for Kessex. Let’s make Kessex work!” ((Sunday October 22nd, 4pm PST, Triskell Quay.))


Renee Mueton: “Renee Mueton, Priestess of Grenth, mortician for Divinity’s Reach and Shaemoor. As we hopefully know with the recent events in Elona, and those who have gone off to fight there, there has been an increase in the deaths. While I am not to speak on why these are happening, I am to speak of their results. To put it simply, we haven’t any more room in the graveyards to store the dead. I’m asking the Ministry to grant more land to the Temple, for the use of final resting place for those who have fought in Elona, along with a general graveyard for use after all the dead had been accounted for.”


[Scribe Thrush is given the floor upon request.]


Scribe Thrush: “Is Ms. Mueton aware that Divinity’s Reach sits upon an ever-expanding crypt accessible through the Skull Plaza?”


Renee Mueton: “Of course, ma’am, but I think a separate burial sect for those died there would be fine way to honor them. Along with preventing this topic from coming up again.”


Scribe Thrush: “If your goal is to take up living and farming space for the dead, I rest my case.”


Vice Legate Cavalli: “Ms. Mueton, I might suggest that you discuss the idea with Minister Havashem and perhaps she can draft something to present this body during a Closed Session?”


Renee Mueton: “Understood, Minister. I’ll discuss the idea with her as well. Thank you all for your time, Ministers. That is all I’ve to say.”


[The session is ended at the seventh evening bell.]